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“1 in 10 [survey respondents] said they’d rather lose their mother-in-law than their cell phone.” – Leger Marketing

I do not support the actual survey results above, of course. It was only as aparable that can show how big the mobile phone plays a role in our lives today. Which also for me, the discovery of mobile phones is very influential in my life. This is what made ​​me choose mobile phone as the most important innovation in my life.

Mobile phone has helped me for a lot of things. And now let’s imagine together if there is no mobile phone. For example, if an accident occurs, it will be difficult for us to contact either the police or ambulance if we have to go looking for public telephone.

And with the new innovations that combined together with the mobile phone, It’s very easy to do our day to day activities wasn’t it? So, I say thanks a lot Dr. Martin Cooper!

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