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“A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.” – Frank Capra

As viewed from my perspective, every individual has a creative soul. Creativity has no limits. The things done by humans to survive is a form of creativity. Each individual is created with the form and under different circumstances. Of course the way they survive will also vary. In ways that demonstrate the extent to which creativity is used and explored by the individual.

Creativity is not only seen in the form of art or objects. The real creativity will be seen from the way an individual  resolve their problem. It can be concluded that there is no limit of creative thinking. No one that has no creativity at all. How do they explore and express creativity that is the benchmark to assess the extent to which their creative spirit has evolved.

The most creative company according to my opinion is:

Walt Disney company is a company that really meritorious in developing the imagination and dreams of my childhood and made ​​it real. Starting from the cartoon, pixar, movies, the characters in it Disneylan, DisneyWorld, DisneySea, DisneyCastles, and all the other Disney artificial creativity will live all time.


And the most creative person according to my opinion is:

Her name is Guo Pei. She is an acknowledged leader of haute couture. She invented her studio called Rose Studio in 1997, when haute couture was an unfamiliar concept. It has taken her a long time to be accepted. Her first dress is a qipao for Zhang-Ziyi’s outfit to initiate the torch relay before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The outfit Zhang finally received was a shoulder-baring, white, gown, with phoenix and auspicious clouds embroidery forming a top-to-bottom band in the front. The trim fit was like a qipao, but the typical collar and short sleeves were substituted with what looks like du dou, halter-like underwear women used to cover their chest. The dress was a great success. Interestingly, when people complimented the actress on it they called it a qipao, and Zhang told Guo this when she phoned her from Athens. Since then, Gou Pei has received a lot of appreciation for her creation. Many people treat clothing designed by Guo as a kind of museum piece.

Here are some pictures of Guo’s collection:

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