“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” – William Shakespeare

I’ve never bother to think about what meanings and impacts that my name could brought to me, to my life to be exact. Until one day, when I was ten, I was sitting in the dining room next to my grandpa-from-my-mom. We’re having toast bread with melted chocolate, as usual, for our breakfast. He told me a story about our family’s background. It’s kind of all-day-long story to be told but i’ll make it brief.

My grandfather was a descendant of Arabic with surname Shahab. He and my grandmother were cousins​​, which made ​​my mother as a pure Arabic descent. And my great-grandfather was a direct descendant of the Palembang Sultanate that make me get the title ‘Masayu’ in front of my name. Masayu is the title for a girl descendant of a Palembang Sultanate’s family. By those stories my grandpa told me, I could sum up my name as Masayu Dian Fatimah Imhadi Shahab.

But then again, there were stories behind my family that gave me another name to put behind mine now. My great-grandpa-from-my-dad’s family name is Sastro. And my grandpa’s is Soewikno. By those names, I summed up my name, again, as Masayu Dian Fatimah Imhadi Sastro Soewikno Shahab.

Dian was given by my grandma-from-my-dad. Dian means fire, by what my grandma means is much more to a light. She wants me to be the light that could shine as bright to lead me to the brightest future.

Fatimah was given by my grandpa-from-my-mom. Fatimah is the name of the daughter of the prophet Muhammad. My grandfather gave me this name because he wanted me to grow into a woman who has a certain character as the daughter of the prophet.

Imhadi is the combination of my parents’s name. ‘Im’ as in Imelda, my mom, and ‘Hadi’ as in Soeprihadi, my dad.

Well, Masayu Dian Fatimah Imhadi Sastro Soewikno Shahab is surely a long one to put on the school registration form, bank account opening form, the form-making emails, and various other things. And my parents already decided to put only Dian Fatimah Imhadi on my birth certificate. It became my identity since then.

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