“Art is not in some far-off place. A work of art is the expression of a man’s whole personality, sensibility and ability.” – Shinichi Suzuki

The first time I heard the theme of this task, The Most Creative and Innovative Country, which appears in my mind is “Everyone would be writing about Japan”. Of course, because my own thoughts also directly led to the Japanese. Japan with an area of ​​the country approximately 377,944 square kilometers and a population of 127,530,000 people. Judging from the number of inhabitants, don’t be surprised with how much creative and innovative ideas can be produced there. Therefore, I also intend to continue to write about Japan. But given of how much writing on Japan that will arise, I try to be creative in demonstrating the creative and innovative that Japanese owned. Technology and transportation such as Shinkansen and Asimo certainly will be much discussed, so I will show the unique, creative and innovative things from Japanese people. A little eccentric but interesting.

What’s so special about Japanese Kit Kat? If in Indonesia there is only one flavor of Kit Kat, in Japan there are more than 20 flavors. Even if traced in history, there are about 80 flavors Kit Kat is ever created in Japan. It draws from a variety of Kit Kat in Japan is a matter of taste locality. You can not get the various flavors of Kit Kat easily at any time. This is because various flavors of Kit Kat is produced only in one specific area and one particular season. In the area of ​​Hokkaido, was created Kit Kat flavors of melon and corn.In Tohoku, there are Kit Kat of peas and cherries flavor. On the island of Kyushu, there are Kit Kat yuzu and red potato flavor. In Tokyo, there are Kit Kat sweet potato, blueberry cheese, soybean, citrus, lemon cola, wasabi, and of course my favorite, that is green tea flavor. Only some kit kat flavors, such as Green Tea flavor, which is produced throughout the year. The rest, you gotta need luck to find it.

What is the secret of Kit Kat’s success in Japan so that it can issue a variety of taste? According to the story I heard, the name Kit Kat when you read it in Japanese “Kitto Katsu”, means a kind of  “Good Luck”, or literally “You certainly can!”. The brand itself is what causes Kit Kat to be a sort of “talisman” for children in Japan when they’re about to have test or exam. Kit Kat is also eaten as a symbol of luck for them.


Japan is also famous for its tradition of drinking tea. Green tea is famous for its wide range of properties also come from Japan. Here is a Japanese creativity in utilizing the uniqueness of their country of tea in teabag form.



Southern Farmers from Zentsuji Japan have found ways to make the box-shaped watermelon. This is not a fad. This watermelon planting technique actually has practical applications. The reason they planted box-shaped watermelons in Japan is due to space limitations.

Round watermelons take up too much space when it’s inserted into the fridge or freezer, but because the Japanese creative ideas, they succeeded in making the idea to minimize the space for storage of the watermelon into their refrigerators.

Creative and innovative ideas shown above not only gives more value in terms of aesthetics but also its usefulness. Now, I will show you some creativity of Japanese people which seem less useful or even useless, the term fad may be more precise. But still creative and interesting.

These are puddings with a price about 380-400 yen. The packaging is very unique and creative which of course will attract people who seen it. Well, mostly guys I guarantee..

Addicted to plastic wrap that has a small air bubble that can be popped? Or addicted to the sensation of opening cans of drink? maybe you like the feeling when you open an envelope?Take it easy, because the Japanese which are very creative people also have created a simulation tool for the above activities that can be restored to its original shape to be used repeatedly by you.

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